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Korean Research of laser therapy

The following is a list of some Korean research in laser therapy, maybe not so easily found.
Thanks to Dr. Jang In-soo for supplying the list.

Jang I-S, Kang H-C, Kang S-H, Sun C-K : Study on clinical application of
Low level laser therapy in Oriental medicine. J Korean Oriental Medicine
2001; 22(2)

Jang I-S, Kang H-C, Kang S-H : Effects of He-Ne Intravascular Laser Irradiation
on Hyperlipidemia. J Korean Oriental Internal Medicine 2000; 21(4):549-554

Lee Y-G, Yun H-S, Rhy J-K, Huh J-H, Gang I-H, Moon B-S : The Effects of
He-Ne LASER I.V. Theraphy on triglyceride on blood in 165 Cases of hypertriglyceridemia.
J Korean Oriental Internal Medicine 1999; 20(2):404-418

Lee Y-G, Sun C-K : The Effects of He-Ne Laser Therapy on s-cholesterol in
74 Cases of hypertriglyceridemia. J Korean Oriental Internal Medicine 1998;

Ahn S-G, Lee S-R, Hwang W-J : Effects of Intravenous He-Ne Laser Irradiation
on Meridian-Heart·Circulation CMP and Hyperlipidemia. J Const Med 1998;

Kim Y-S, Hwang C-W, Soul I-C, Kim B-T : Treated with He-Ne Laser Intravenous
Irradiation of Clinical Observation on the 26 cases of Cerebrovascular Accident.
J Oriental Chr Dis 1998; 1(1):54-69

Lee T-H, Kwon J-N, Park D-I : The Effect of He-Ne laser with low energy
ILIB in CVA treats. J Oriental Chr Dis 1997; 3(1):184-192

Yook T-H : The effects of He-Ne laser acupuncture therapy on pain management.
J Korean Acu Mox Society 1997; 14(1):1-8

Hwang W-J, Kweon O-S : Effects of Intravascular Laser Irradiation on Hyperfibrinogenemia.
J Korean Oriental Medicine 1996; 17(2):237-244

Sun C-K : The Clinical study of He-Ne laser therapy on hyperlipidemia. J
Oriental Chr Dis 1996; 2(1):176-184

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