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Exemples of Mario Trelles published work


Trelles M et al: Infrared Diode Laser in Low Reactive-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for Knee Osteoarthroses. Laser Therapy. 1991; 3(4): 149.

Trelles M et al: Bone Fracture Consolidates Faster With Low-Power Laser. Lasers Surg Med. 1987; 7: 36.

Trelles M, Mayayo E: Mast cells are implicated in low power laser effect on tissue. A preliminary study. Lasers in Medical Science. 1992; 7: 73.

Mayayo E, Trelles M, Calderhead R, Santafe M, Tomas J, Rigau J: Short term ultrastructural changes in soft tissue (Endomysium) after LLLT Helium-Neon laser treatment. Laser Therapy. 1989; 1(3): 119.

Trelles M, Mayayo E, Miro L, Rigau J, Baudin G, Calderhead G: The action of low reactive level laser therapy (LLLT) on mast cells. Laser Therapy. 1989; 1: 27

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