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Exemples of Paul Bradley published work


Bradley P: Thermographic Evaluation of Response to Low Level Laser Acupuncture. Proc. Second Meeting of the International Laser Therapy Association, London Sept 1992. p 32.

GŁ rsoy B, Bradley P F. Penetration studies of low intensity laser therapy (LLLT) wavelengths. Laser Therapy, 1996; 1: 18. (Abstract).

Bradley P F, Rebliini Z. Low intensity laser therapy (LILT) for temporomandibular joint pain: a clinical electromyographic and thermographic study. Laser Therapy. 1996; 1: 4

Bradley F G, Reynolds P A. Low reactive level laser therapy in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Review of 100 cases. Laser Therapy. 1994; 6: 67.

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