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Exemples of Fernando Sorianos published work


Soriano F: The analgesic effect of 904 nm gallium arsenide semiconductor low level laser therapy (LLLT) on oesteoparticular pain: a report on 938 irradiated patients. Laser Therapy. 1995; 7: 75.

Soriano F. Venous leg ulcers healed with GaAs laser. Argentine experience. Proc Congr Int Soc Laser Surg Med, Bangkok 1993,

Soriano F et al. Low level laser therapy response in patients with chronic low back pain. A double blind study. Lasers Surg Med. 1998. Suppl. 10

Soriano F. GaAs laser treatment of venous ulcers. Proc. 2nd Congress World Assn for Laser Therapy, Kansas City, September 1998;

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