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Exemples of Dan Siposan published work


Dan Siposan, Adalbert Lucaks, Effect of Low-Level Laser Radiation on some Rheological Factors in Human Blood: An In Vitro Study, Clinical Journal of Laser Medicine & Surgery, Volume 18, Number 4, p:185-196 New York, 2000

Dan Siposan, Adalbert Lucaks, Relative variation to received dose of some erythrocytic and leukocytic indices of human blood as a result of low-level laser radiation; an in vitro study, Clinical Journal of Laser Medicine & Surgery, Volume 19, Number 2, p:89-103., New York, 2001

Dan Siposan, Adalbert Lukacs, An in Vitro study of the effects of Low-Level Laser Radiation on Human Blood, SPIE Proceedings Volume 5287, Volume 4. No 35, ISSN 1605-7422, ISBN 0-8194-5188-6, Laser Florence 2002, pages 108-120, SPIE (International Society for Optical Engineering, Bellingham, Washington, 2003

Dan Siposan, Dan I. Manastireanu, Introducing therapeutic lasers in the hospitals and treatment rooms in Romania. Oral presentation at the congress "Laser Florence 2004

Dan Siposan, Adalbert Lukacs, Experimental Study of Low-level Laser Radiation Effects on Human Blood Cells. The 2-nd International Congress "LASER & HEALTH-99", December 8-10, 1999, Moscow. Oral Communication. Abstract published in proceeding, p. 550.

Adalbert Lukacs, Dan Siposan, The in vitro study of low-level laser radiation effects on RBC membrane integrity in biochemical and physical stressing conditions, "Third World Congress of WORLD ASSOCIATION FOR LASER THERAPY", Atheens, Greece, 10-13 May, 2000. Abstract published in "BOOK of ABSTRACTS", p.71.

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