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1. Your company has to produce laser therapy equipment or be an agent/distributor. Please also state which country you want to be listed under.

2. Place a link to LaserWorld. (http://www.laser.nu) on your web site. If your linking to LaserWorld is of low quality e.g hidden in some way or not generating any traffic, we might add you at second manufactures page or maybe not at all.

3. If your site has more than one language you may want to make a linkback to LaserWorld on each section. Example: site with 4 languages should make 4 links back to LaserWorld.
Minimum for consideration by us, is a link back in your homepage's original language.

4. Mail us your
a. product brochures (including technical specifications for lasers)
product manual
c. user manual
d. price-list

Voluntary info such as: certificates (CE, FDA or national certificate etc), this might improve positioning in our pages.

to this address.
Attention: Webmaster
Box 1031,
181 21 Lidingö

5. Then send us an email with the page with your link/links to LaserWorld and then we will evaluate your site.

Some other things that may be of intrest.

Please also note that on regular basis we check the links on the Manufacturer pages and we have noticed that the LaserWorld links on Manufactures pages sometimes "fall off without notice" or are moved to some hide-away page. Accidents like this may result in total removal or moving to second/third Manufacturer page.

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