SLMS and IMLA sign cooperation agreement

In September of 2005 The Iranian Medical Laser Association (IMLA) arranged a five days laser therapy certification programme for Iranian medical doctors and dentists. Previously IMLA had arranged a laser therapy workshop for 70 participants, followed by a test. The 30 best participants were admitted to the September certification programme. This was also followed by another test and 25 of the participants received the certificate in the end. All participants were also asked to present a laser therapy research idea.
The teachers during the September seminar were Lars Hode and Jan Tunér from The Swedish Laser Medical Society (SLMS). The September test was created by SLMS and all the research ideas were commented in writing by Drs Hode and Tunér. There were 60 possible points in the test and many participants were in the 50-60 point range, which is quite impressive, taken the language difficulties into consideration.
During the seminar a cooperation agreement between SLMS and IMLA was signed by Dr. Lars Hode, president of SLMS and Dr. Mohammad Farhadi, president of IMLA and former Minister of Health of Iran. The photo below was taken at this ceremony.
IMLA has some 400 members and is now planning for an international laser congress in 2007. The first book on laser therapy in Farsi was recently published by the association. Web site is, email .

The Swedish Laser Medical Society in scientific exchange with the Iranian Medical Laser Association.

The Iranian Laser Medical Association (IMLA), founded in April 2003, is a young association but in short time 400 medical doctors and dentists have joined the association. There is a growing interest in all aspects of medical laser applications in Iran and not least in the therapeutic lasers. The IMLA has the ambition of establishing laser therapy as a well recognised therapeutic modality in Iran and is interested in international cooperation.

The first ties between SMLS and IMLA were formed during the 2nd congress for Laser Dentistry, held in Tehran in March 2005. Along with researchers from the University of Aachen, SLMS members Lars Hode and Jan Tunér assisted Iranian educators during the congress. In the discussions during the congress it was agreed that IMLA should send three members to Stockholm for a one-week special training seminar in therapeutic laser therapy. This seminar was carried out in July 2005. The Iranian guests were Drs Kamrava, Mokmeli and Rezvan, all of whom had several years of previous clinical experience with laser therapy. The seminar was held in Stockholm and Helsinki, Finland during one week. SLMS representatives were Lars Hode, Jan Tunér, Talat Qadri, Chrisse Bäckström and Marie Tullberg.

In August this year IMLA organized a seminar for about 100 medical doctors and dentists. After a written test, the best 40 participants were invited for a one week seminar. Here again, Lars Hode and Jan Tunér assisted the Iranian colleagues in the teaching. The seminar was followed by a written test and those passing received a certificate. Each participant was further asked to submit a suggestion for a research programme and the suggestions were evaluated. Iranian medical authorities were invited and the question about research and future inclusion into general health care was discussed.

The ambitious programme of the IMLS is based upon the belief that therapeutic lasers should not be introduced in Iran on a general level in the manners which have been seen in many other countries. Before practicing therapeutic laser therapy, certified medical persons should have a proper training and a certificate documenting his/her qualifications. Such programme will improve the clinical results and also lead to a smoother path of having this treatment modality accepted into the health system.

The address of the Iranian Medical Laser Association is P.O. Box 19419.34331, 19176-35313, Tehran, Iran. Web site: Email:

1. From Tehran: Speakers and organisers at the 2nd Dental Congress of IMLA
2. Dr. Mokmeli and Dr Tunér with Dr Rezvan standing.
3. From Stockholm: The vice president of IMLA Dr. Kamrava receives his certificate from Lars Hode.

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